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"We all want to do the best for our children- both our own and those under our care. We want to see them grow to full potential as happy and productive human beings, capable of love, capable of work. We want to give them the best possible start."

-Bev Bos

Our Community

We aim to promote a joyful, comfortable learning atmosphere where children feel safe, confident and at home.

We respect children, their play and meet each child where they are developmentally.

We support children and families . Each child is different, each family is different and we all learn together. We strive for open, honest communication with a simple goal in mind - what is best for your child and family.


Our Teachers

Katrina Luters has worked as a teacher for over 25 years. Starting at Pacific Oaks Childrens' School (1994-2000 Southern California), then New Discovery School (2000-11 Seattle) before starting Matthews Beach Playschool in 2011. She is also a Parent Coach and mother of two. (Nathan Hale and North Seattle College)

I have had the pleasure of students (studying Early Childhood at UW) working in our school the last few years! It is a joy for all of us to spend time with these wonderful teachers.

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