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*Due to Covid-19 we are currently only offering*

M-TH class (9:30-1:30) September - June

3-5 year olds 

limit six children 

We offer the following classes:

M-TH class (9:30-1:30) September-June

For 3 -5 year olds. Children must be three by October

Limit  8 -10 children 

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Annual tuition for the school year:



$6500 - M-TH class ($650 a month)

The annual tuition is payable in (10) monthly installments due by the 1st day of the month. There is a non-refundable deposit of one month's tuition that is due at the time of acceptance and will hold your child’s space in the program.

The deposit is applied to the total annual tuition.

The school year begins the week after Labor Day and ends the first week of June. We follow the Seattle Public Schools calendar for vacation days (dates).





*Due to Covid -19 we are still figuring ​out the safest way to tour and apply. Please call 206- 799-33​72 an​d leave a mess​age and we will be in touch. Thank you! *


Before you apply, please come for a tour.


Visits are casual- more of a family outing. We chat while your child plays in the yard. Please dress appropriately- we will be outside!



 RSVP by calling 206-799-3372 and leaving a message with your desired date. ( Please respond at least a couple days ahead of your desired date. Lack of response/interest will result in tour cancellation)

 You may bring a completed application to your visit. 

Priority will be given to returning and sibling families. The remaining applications will be placed in a pool of applicants with the goal of creating a balanced class environment. You will be contacted by March 2nd with results.

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