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"​ Every time we teach a child something, we keep him from inventing it himself. That which we allow him to discover by himself, will remain with him." - Jean Piaget

Play and Time

We believe in play time! Open ended play naturally follows the interests and needs of children for joyful, meaningful learning. It encourages curiosity, possibility and action.

Uninterrupted time for play (with guidance,when needed) gives children the freedom to develop autonomy, become invested in friendships and community, learn problem solving, conflict resolution and responsibility.

These skills provide a solid foundation for future academic learning and social success.



Outdoor classrooms are the ideal setting for learning and exploration!

Our yard has a large covered deck, big sand pit, play house, planter boxes, art area, plenty of open ended materials and lots of room to move. The outdoor classroom inspires lots of imaginative play and is a wonderful place to create, build and experiment.  

We are just steps away from Matthews Beach Park! There we can visit the pond, check out Thornton Creek, watch eagles dive for fish in Lake Washington, explore the beaches and go on adventures!

Yes, we play outside! No matter the weather, we gear up and splash in the rain, play in the snow or enjoy the warm sunshine!

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